After Helen

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After Helen

Post by Eloise » September 12th, 2005, 3:08 pm

Dear Helen,
Miracles do happen. Today is the first day our Post Office is again receiving mail. Instead of our usual chock full box, we had only two pieces of mail. Received your letter, and the checks, plus the precious pictures of your family!
The money will go to Mrs. Margaret Schaff, my daughter's mother-in-law. She lives alone in Metairie and came here during the storm............of course she is still here. She has had a very difficult life, her husand was mentally ill and she kept them afloat by baby sitting in hotels. After her husband's death she stayed busy. She also took care of her grandchildren. One committed suicide, the other has two children and lost everything during Katrina. Margaret plans on this grandchild and her children living with her.
She is so anxious to go home, but that is probably months away. Her house is still standing, some water damage from her roof (rain, not flood)......her son already took care of that. She barely gets by but has courage.
Tom and I are fine and tired; we had one of our "get togethers" yesterday. Many grandchildren, including Caleb two years old. Many of you already know how I feel about him! Love them all, he gives me so much attention, hope this continues..........

Helen and all of you thanks so much for your caring. A wonderful idea to reach out to the victims.
I'm fine and tired.
Much Love,

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Post by Helen » September 12th, 2005, 6:19 pm

Dear Eloise, We are all happy to be able to help a little with this tragic time. You rest up and stay well.. Love, Helen


Post by Don36 » September 18th, 2005, 11:41 am

Hi Eloise, Glad you are doing good, get some rest and try and take it easy.

We still have 4 family members with us they lived in the Chalmette area and their home was completly covered by water. We will go in next week to see if their is anything worth taking out. I think they will be with us for awhile until they are able to see what their inusrance co. and Fema. are going to do. Six other people that were with us were able to return to their homes last week.

I know how difficult it is to have people living with you, but I know they would do the same for me. We are blessed that we were able to offer them a place of refuge.

You will be in our prayers as well as the family that is with you.
God Bless Don36

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