For Jana Re Magnesium

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For Jana Re Magnesium

Post by Helen » August 31st, 2005, 11:23 am

Couldn't find your original post about your sister who is on coumadin and if she could take magnesium without effect.. I went for my PT/INR blood test this morning for my coumadin levels and asked the nurse. She said that magnesium would have an effect on the INR and that your sister should ask her doctor before taking it.. Jana, the coumadin is so sensitive to so many different things.... I guess I've been pretty lucky since I never eat anything healthy like greens :wink: being a junk food eater sometimes works for me.. now I read lately how good chocolate and cocoa are for so many different things.. Now if they would only brainwash people into thinking that "fat women are the most beautiful" I would be fine and could stop my eternal dieting. 8) Love, Helen

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