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Re: My Arrhythmia diary.

Posted: February 16th, 2018, 4:01 pm
by Colin Pearson
And another update.

October 2017 is when I should have had the first set of bloods "lets see what the amiodarone is doing" done. I didn't bother.

Ending the year my cycling mileage total was a touch over 2,100 miles which I thought was a reasonable effort and equaled my previous best year total in 2015, a year in which I didn't drop dead. So 2017 was quite good having croaked twice.

I did eventually go for a blood test about a month ago and it seems the amiodarone may be doing something to my liver. I've been refered to another quack who deals with such things but the appointment isn't until May! Oh well.

The good news though is this week I went for my latest ICD check and the device hadn't recorded a single blip, and I always make sure I see this on the screen. So it seems whilst the amiodarone maybe killing me slowly in other ways, it is stopping my heart killing me suddenly and quickly.

And better still is the battery life, which I'm not sure I believe. I'm sure we have all had cars where the fuel guage has been questionable and this is how I'm viewing this. The battery is showing 8.5 years remaining!

As some may recall, I had the ICD placed in August 2013 and in that time it has delivered the test shock at implant, some AT pacing in the first year, was used a lot during an attmepted ablation to induce VT/VF and has delivered FIVE full fat 41 joule shocks. Despite all that it is showing 8.5 years remaining.

What makes me weary of that is that at implant it only showed 10.5 years, ergo without doing anything should have 5.5 years remaining. But having done a bit of work is at 8.5 years. Either it has a dodgy fuel guage or my body is acting as a cold fusion reactor and inductive battery charger.

I don't care, i'll take the 8.5 years.

I'll further update when anything changes or I find out what is happening with my liver.

Re: My Arrhythmia diary.

Posted: July 3rd, 2018, 2:55 pm
by Colin Pearson
Another six months, another check.

The pacing check thing is really becomming a thing for me, I really totally and utterly hate that feeling. For me it feels like I'm in VF just about to hit the floor.

Battery is showing 8 years remaining now, exactly as expected from the last checkup. The ICD will have been in five years in August and with five shocks (plus the test shock) it isn't doing too badly.

What is a woory is that a few events of VT were recorded despite being on a massive dose of betas and being on Amiodarone. At the last checkup there was nothing recorded at all. This does worry me a little bit, well a lot, as I might be building up a resistance to the Amio. This happened when I was prevously on Flecainide, all good for a few years then bang.

I'm not sure what it will bring, an increased dose of Amio at some point or a swith to something else, the question is what though. I hope things remain stable and I don't have to increase the Amio, as I am feeling the sun exposure side effect quite badly and here in the UK we are having a record breaking summer. I just can't go out in it and am having to wait until close to sundown to go cycling.

Amio turns you into a vampire !

Since the last update I've also switched from working from home to train commuting into the office which is something I wouldn't have thought possible this time last year. But I'm enjoying it, most of all the return of office banter. As good a boy as he is, the dog is not good at banter. The cycling, I'm still out there every evening and am on target to do my 2,000 miles this year.

Hopefully the next six months will be uneventful, and i'll update as and when.