Passwords and inactive accounts

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Passwords and inactive accounts

Post by icdadmin » June 1st, 2014, 4:22 pm

Passwords and inactive accounts

To All,

We have gotten some PM's and Emails lately addressing an issue about some members and their passwords. We want everyone to know that this is most likely a glitch in the program of PHP and nothing to do with "hackers" or someone else trying to obtain your account. We, the moderator and administration teams, do not have your access to your password although we can give you a temporary one to get you back onto the site.

FIRST: when changing important account information (E-mail, etc) remember to re-enter your password in both the password and confirm password areas before submitting your changes. If not, it is a safety feature of the program to make your account inactive, so this is important to remember.

SECOND: We have gotten a few PM’s and Emails from members stating their accounts had become inactive without trying to make any changes. (A very few members this had this happen to in the past year) we are contributing THIS phenomenon to the fact that all software glitches from time to time. (Case in point: ANY new OS from Microsoft) <snicker> In all seriousness though, if this does happens and you are unable to access your account, it must be reset by us. If this happens, simply drop an email to and we will reactivate your account and get you up and running again. We am addressing this as we don't want anyone to be unable to access the board for any length of time.

To anyone this hasn't happened to, go back to your regular activity of posting and reading other posts as it's not a big deal. We are only posting this to let everyone know we are on top of this and will do our best to alleviate any further problems.

Thanks for listening.
The ICD Support Board Admin Group