How do I get around the board?

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How do I get around the board?

Post by icdadmin » June 23rd, 2017, 2:17 pm

After you have logged onto the site you are on the “Message Board” page.

Below that area is a line that has User Control Panel • 0 new messages • FAQ • Search • Members • Logout [ Your user name]

Under that line and on the left is “View unanswered posts | View active topics” and on the right on that same line is “View new posts | View your posts “

The next area is the “Mini Chat” that is where you can just place a note for others to see or respond to. Most people use it to talk with another member who is also signed on. It is not a real active area and the messages are not retrievable as the leave as new ones are posted.

As you scroll down you will find many topics. That may be of interest to you.
Two samples are
In The News! And Walking through Board Functions.

Going back up I find that the View Active Topics is the best as it shows recent topics and is in latest first order, in addition the check mark means you have not read a recent post to that topic.

At the bottom of the page of every topic is the option to “New topic” or “Post Reply”

New topic takes you to a new blank area for you to post a new topic. Post reply places your response at the bottom of that topic.

We hope this information helps you.

You can send us an Email message at I see all of them there and the other Admins also have access to that Email.

We check the Emails at least a couple of times a day and look at the site several times a day.