Welcome new folks! Please read

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Welcome new folks! Please read

Post by Shelby » May 19th, 2006, 9:08 am

Here's a big, hearty WELCOME to all of our new members! Welcome to our family. Pull up a chair, grab a snack, and crack open your favorite beverage.

First and foremost, once you've successfully become a member, head on over to our Introductions Thread then click on reply and tell us a bit about yourself. We love to put faces to names so please post a picture or send one to one of our admins at info@icdsupportgroup.org and we'll get it up for you.

We've had some bogus people signing up lately so in order to insure a safe and secure board for everyone, the admins are trying to keep on top of new member registration. As a result, you may receive an email asking you to verify your identity and intentions. If you do receive such an email, please respond to it as soon as possible or your account may be deleted. Again, this is to insure that we all have a safe time here.

Also, since we're family, we like to call each other by our first names. Please sign your posts so we know what to call you!

Jump right in and start asking questions or making comments! This board is for YOU. Yes, YOU! It takes your participation to make this board useful. You may see a lot of casual banter and joking among us "oldies." Keep in mind that we've already adjusted to our ICD's. It is you, the new person, who is needed to breathe life into the board.

Please don't be afraid to ask any question or make any comment. There is no question to large or too small, no such thing as a stupid question, and nothing we can't handle. We're here to help, support, and love you. Please help us do that!

Take care everyone and once again, welcome to the family.

Shelby and the admins
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