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IMPORTANT: Board Guidelines

Post by icdadmin » September 18th, 2009, 6:15 pm

Discussing this with the other mods, I think it is necessary to reiterate some of the basic rules on the ICD Support Group, but don’t consider them to be steadfast rules to inhibit your posting, but more as guidelines that this forum was originally based on and still hold true today. I know all the moderators/admins are very pleased with the way the board is going, and as always we welcome and encourage all members to engage in any conversations they want to discuss. I want to clarify a few of those guidelines so we can continue to offer the support and sharing of knowledge that we have been doing since the first post here on the board.

First and foremost:
1) There will be no personal attacks toward any members by another member. This cannot be tolerated in any form whatsoever. I have seen many boards that I have been a member of disintegrate into squabbles and fights over issues that involved misunderstandings and personal views that conflicted with others. When posting always remember that there are members from all over the world that use this board for support and within posts, there is always the possibility of offending someone. That is why when it turns personal, moderators must step in. I know a few times I Have had to move posts into a place we call “Limbo” until all moderators have a look and comment on what has happened. This isn’t just one person making decisions for all, but members that have shown fair decision making and being level headed as moderators that decide together the best course of action. We have never had to ask anyone to leave the board, and I don’t think we ever will because all the members here understand that the reason this place exists is for support. Everyone makes mistakes: I make many and no one is immune to them. This is why we ask one thing of all of you when posting:

2) Think before hitting the submit button! This is a very important guideline and we encourage everyone to do so when posting. Remember, you are representing yourselves on this board and it is so easy to misunderstand someone’s typed post without hearing that persons vocal inflections upon what he or she is saying. Sometimes the best of posts can be misinterpreted and then hard feelings come out. I know it is hard to maintain a level head at times especially when reading a post that might personally upset you so we ask this of all members:

3) If a post says OT think about whether you want to actually read it or not. There will always be topics that cause problems due to their subject matter. We cannot and will not tell members they can’t talk about any topic whatsoever. The proof in that is we came up with the OT (Off Topic) moniker for off topic posts. I think it is a great idea and personally have enjoyed each and every OT that has ever been posted here. I also realize that some of the topics might be disturbing to other members or against their beliefs. Please understand this- for us to ask that those topics not be posted would be the same as censoring posts, which we do not do here on the ICD board. Every subject is open for discussion and although at times it may not be directly ICD related, it is okay and encouraged. If I happen on a OT post that I do not find of interest or have nothing to comment on, I move on to the next post. As a moderator, if the posts starts to turn then I have to make a comment, as do the other moderators. But as a regular poster on the board, if I don’t agree with the thread, I simply move on to the next. Some topic matter can be touchy no matter what is talked about within them ( i.e Politics and Religion). For the most part, I stay out of those because I have learned long ago that everyone has their own opinions and mine are no more or less valid then anyone else’s. I also found that if I am not actually taking part of the thread that I won’t post my disagreement within the post because that always seems to be taken as a threat. If I do voice a different opinion, I make my point clear an concise and never confrontational. So we ask this of all members:

4) If you find something offensive or to be attacking another, please notify any or all of the moderators immediately! Let us be the ones that step in and comment. Better we be the bad guys then to cause a major uproar on the board. Hopefully and until now there have only been a few minor disagreements- that is expected: We are over 800 members and we don’t expect everyone to see eye to eye. We do expect everyone to treat each other with courtesy and be supportive which everyone here is, and that is a great thing! :) If you ever have any questions never feel afraid to talk to any or all moderators: we work as a group and all questions and PM’s are kept confidential and not shared with others of the board. This has been a policy since day one and will continue on being policy! Our main objective is to keep this board alive and breathing strong, as it is now and to only grow and keep the high level of support it offers so well to those that need it. Together we work to keep everyone happy and try our hardest to do the right thing.

5) Finally, we do not censor posts- we moderate them. We do not change posts, and we do not alter posts either. We do expect members to remember that many others read the posts and to consider others feelings and thoughts when submitting a post. In the rare occasion that a post is removed, it is done as a universal decision and for the best interest of the members here.

I hope this wasn’t too long but felt it needed to be put out there for everyone to see so we all know just exactly is going on with some to the major guidelines of the board. They are mostly common sense but when put in type it does help to alleviate any misunderstandings. We do this to make sure that everyone here has a safe and caring place to come and post and we will continue to work to maintain that level for all members old and new.

Much love to all of you- you are the reason that this board is so successful! :D