Good morning Sunshines.

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Good morning Sunshines.

Post by mykidsmom » June 10th, 2018, 11:24 am

Beautiful morning here in the Kawarthas....spent the morning outside drinking coffee with daughter #2 and Son in law #1....going to have a semi quiet day i think me and the wine bottle might hit the deck with our book and just soak up the peace and quiet....(thats if the dog next door ever stops barking..) im considering flattening him with a rock... the home nurse is due today shes been trying to discharge me for a couple of weeks now but ive been bucking against it...the wound is healed but until the scab is gone i consider it a liability and having worked so hard to keep the foot id be pissed to get an infection just as were into the home run, caused by the scab falling off ..

anyways have a great day all

and happy birthday to those of you whos birthdays arent listed.....xoxoxox wavhi
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Re: Good morning Sunshines.

Post by TruckerRon » June 10th, 2018, 4:30 pm

It's incredibly beautiful here in our mountain valley today, with a sudden cold front having blown out the haze and lowered temperatures 20 F degrees. I'll be heading up into the mountains this evening if no clouds blow in at sunset.

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Re: Good morning Sunshines.

Post by ROBO Pop » June 11th, 2018, 10:47 am

it was an incredibly miserable morning here in He** (and the secret word ain't heaven). Had a cup of iced coffee on the patio which was boiling hot in spite of all the ice. Temps have been running north of too hot to sustain life, and the next person says ..but it's a dry heat. :duh: Let's just say the devil has abandoned Arizona as too hot for Hades. On a positive note, I can honestly say all the women in Arizona are! lmao4dx
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