Strange Random ???

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Strange Random ???

Post by Clint » December 28th, 2008, 5:24 pm

Ok board....
so there I am walking down the sidewalk when all of a sudden a piece of loose space junk breaks free from orbit, manages to hold together through re-entry, hits me and drives me, ICD and all, into the dirt. could happen. Of course I'd need to call Amy and get a law suit going - but that's another story.'s the hypothetical question. In the (unlikely) event that something of that magnitude would take place.....obviously I wouldn't be posting any more - at least until I got set up in an alternative universe.

In the last few months I have corresponded with and have met some really nice people on this board. I don't take those interludes lightly. Unless, you know someone I know - like Kat, Guin, Carmen, Howard, Dan or Hugo and other people on the Bay Area Board, of whom you could ask the question......"what's that idiot up to now and why hasn't he posted for a while?". you might just wonder why I went away.....and most of you know me by now, I will not go into that dark cyber space quietly.

One of our local people could tell you that I was slammed by a vagrant piece of space junk and have moved on to an alternate universe. In my circle that's called transmogrifying the rectabular extrusion.

But seriously, has that situation ever come up? Certainly not the one about getting hit by space junk but the one about a board member just kind of slipping away and no one ever hear's from them again?

If I get zapped to another deminision, I'd like you guys to know about it and know that -'s all good - he's bugging other people in another dimension. Likewise if something happened to one of you guys.......that would take you off the board without saying good bye....I'd want to know about it as opposed to just making assumptions.

Does all this sound weird? It probably is considering the source.... But think about it. We interact, share feelings, information, advise and fat free menus. We talk about our kids, cats, aches and pains and, for those of you Britts in Australia, our Joees. For all practical purposes we are a board of friends, who for the most part are strangers, who to one degree or another, care about each other if for no other reason than the common bond of - Image

Any thoughts on this subject? I have tried to be kind of gentle and a little cute with it....but, should we collectively figure out some way of letting the board know how to define our long term, unanticipated absence?

Sorry for the morbid thought.........throw rocks at me if necessary.....but hey....I care about you guys and would want to know if I need to offer some kind of sacrifice to the ICD gawds......chant in the back yard naked, or smoke some incense or all the above.

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Post by dplumb » December 28th, 2008, 5:43 pm

I agree with Clint you read all the posts and you wonder what happened to some of these people did they just leave the board or what happened to them.
just trying to survive all this stuff
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Post by lb151 » December 28th, 2008, 5:46 pm

OK,,when I get to the other side,,I'll hang a tie on your door. :?
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Post by ~guin » December 28th, 2008, 5:47 pm

Well I hear what you are saying.... I think we all have someone we know here and off list.... I know when Eve disappeared years ago, a member was able to contact someone she knew and get info. That is when she was in hospital and came home to find her husband dead on the kitchen floor. I have been around along time with an ICD and have lost tough with people, only to have a family member appear on the Board to let us know their loved one with an ICD died. Also there was a time we had a friend who had no family - he was going into the hospital and let us know.... We never heard from again -- we did a search and found his obituary.... We have had people hear struggling with death and helping to support his wife as she lost her husband. These things do happen. I know I know a lot of you off line as well and would hope I know what happened and share that with the rest of our 'Community'

I would hope my husband or pne of you shared out about me.

On a happier note -- We are packed and ready for a week in Disneyland... I wasn't going to share this out - but maybe we all need to check in and let each other know what is going on given the light of this tread. I do plan to still be in touch via computer, but ya never know. I know I was scarce over the Holidays as I had alot going on with my own family. I know it is a busy time of hear and alot of people go away and come back some time later.

Then there are the people who come here and take time to post an intro thread and never post again....

Mark o they get welcomed into their email address?? I just wonder if they post an intro thread, they are not notified of a post until another intro is posted. Maybe they never come back to the Board to see that we have started a new thread to welcome them..... mmmmm

Well I will give Mickey a hug for all of you!
Happy New Year~~~ :fireworks: :fireworks: :fireworks: :fireworks: :fireworks: :fireworks: :fireworks:


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Post by ~guin » December 28th, 2008, 5:48 pm

dplumb wrote:I agree with Clint you read all the posts and you wonder what happened to some of these people did they just leave the board or what happened to them.
Some get the support they need and move on, Then our job is done, they have gotten what they need to come to terms with the ICD, maybe until their first shock and they are back.... others stay for awhile.... Others stay because it is in their nature to share and support and they love it...... others are here because we are definitely their little family and they love checking in everyday!! Others are too busy for that.....


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Post by Lacey » December 28th, 2008, 6:36 pm

HELLO EVERYONE!!! In the other support group im in ppcm they ask for your phone # just in case they start worrying about you.. I would understand if someone only posted once then was gone but all the time .. I would hope you guys would check on me even though i don't know all of you at all but i know im here for good and im not leaving even when the anxiety lives. That is a good topic clint .. Cause i know if something happen to me my bf would not get on here and report to you guys cause he just wouldn't . He might suprise me though. I know its hard to keep up with everyone. Im really hoping to get to know you guys very well if it wasnt for this support group i would of done been checking myself in the nut house ... IM so glad i found you guys. YOu guys are the best .. THanks for being there for me and supporting me ...

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Post by TravelingMan » December 28th, 2008, 10:37 pm

Clint makes some very good points on this. I've often wondered what happened to some of the people that post. We're a small group, 600 members, out of 1-2 million ICD's implanted now. For some of us like the Bay Area group, you guys are going to know each other and have more contact off the board. About the time of Hurricane Katrina there was a group of us planning on meeting in New Orleans. Katrina stopped that. Meetings like that are great for those that want to and are able to participate.

The flip side of this coin is that for a number of people it's much easier to discuss depression, fears, medical conditions, etc. when you're anonymous. There's a certain security we have here. I'm sure I've asked questions or made statements I wouldn't want my employer to be aware of or my neighbors or sometimes my wife. So I'm not sure I would want the board having enough information to track me down if I didn't post for a while.

For me it's like when I travel. There was always a group of us that met in the airport for coffee on Monday morning when we were flying out. We would meet Thursday afternoon at the World Club to fly back in together. Some of us dropped away for a while, some left permanently, some schedules changed. Faces changed but the group went on. That's like here, there's always going to be a certain amount of in and out. Unless you've got a personal connection outside of this board it's pretty hard to keep up with somebody.

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Post by CarlB » December 28th, 2008, 11:53 pm

I agree with Clint also, but like FC stated we have had people come in and go out. Yes, I wonder what happened or why they have been out of contact. Keith, who is now in Minnesota hasn't checked in for some time. Don, he went off a while ago also. Just knowing that they checked in once in a while was good. Sometimes the news we have to report might not be the best - things do happen. We have our set backs and our gains and its great and comforting to have an opportunity to reach out and get some feedback that offers a bit of encouragement or support. That support maybe very inportant to an individual that is isolated or in someway distant from contact with someone that they can use for support and a sholder to lean on when needed. Family, while always there, many times has not only our problem or problems but also the burden of many times having been or continuing to be a major care giver.

The Bay Area group is great. Putting faces to names and being able to catch up on what is happening in their group is a plus after having the opportunity to meet some of the members. I guess that one of these days I'll make an attempt to reach out to the group that does meet in my area. I just haven't made to time for them - I guess it could be that I might find good reason to participate or maybe just the opposit - reject them or me in some way? I can't answer that one right now. I do have another ICD friend that I have known since I was 8 years old. We have much in common over the 60 plus years we have known each other. Many years apart, but the ICD's brought us together again in a different way. I value that friendship and I need to take the time and let him know.

I lost a friend this past summer, and I should have along with my family let them know how important they had been in our lives. Missed opportunities are never ....... connection broken by the failure to communicate ..... my mistake.

On a brighter note Happy New Year to all !!

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Carl....and the rest of you

Post by Clint » December 29th, 2008, 12:07 am

Awesome. good posts my friends. Maybe we should creat a Welfare Check list and leave some kind of phone number, e-mail or other contact info - just in case we go away and our people at home don't know to post or can't post in our hummm..long term absence.

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Post by DonnaB » December 29th, 2008, 12:35 am

Excellent question Clint and awesome responses from everybody.

I have been hospitalized 5 times since I joined this group after my ICD implant last May.My personal style which sucks LOL is to post casually after the fact and to casually mention oh yes I received 2 more coronary stents or by the way I was shocked twice in September or 3 times last month :::sigh:::.That is some of my unhealthy thinking of feeling like nobody wants to hear it or that I sound depressing or that I might be a burden. Yes LOL I am in therapy and it helps but I am trying to retrain myself with decades of this kind of behavior.I see all of the lovely sharing of struggles and health issues and all of the lovely responses but I twist my own "case" by thinking I am different and relatively new here so maybe I don't need to share or don't "deserve" the same lovely responses.

In the midst of all of the hospital stays I have a 75 year old Mom that has brain and lung cancer so I struggle with sadness, and fears that the stress is going to give me another heart attack or that I will receive even more shocks.Then I don't want to bring it all here so I keep it to myself or withdraw from this group and the people in my life which is terribly unhealthy for me mentally and emotionally.

Now I am sitting here feeling all mixed.....happy that I shared of myself and also sitting here thinking bet
y'all sure wished you didn't know all this about me.

So if I disappear I am usually in the hospital again or have withdrawn until I regroup and take the healthy step and return here.Please know I am working on being healthier and staying involved with this lovely group and that I am right where I want to be which is right here you all of you wonderful people.


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Hey Donna

Post by Clint » December 29th, 2008, 12:43 am


Here's one for you pretty pal..


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Membership count

Post by MarcC » December 29th, 2008, 9:14 am

TravelingMan wrote
We're a small group, 600 members....
It would be interesting to find out how many of the 600 members are still "active". It's easy to see who posts regularly but I'm sure that we have a large group of members accessing the site but who we never see contributing to a thread.

We should start a thread asking for people to post a hello just to see how many users we have. It probably won't be very accurate as the people who aren't interested in contributing to a regular thread won't want to post on this one but it's worth a shot.

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Contacting Folks

Post by Sparkydog » December 29th, 2008, 9:27 am

One way to contact people we haven't seen in a while would be to send an email, right? The board here seems to have addresses stored if you select email as a response option to a posting. Of course, that would mean searching through old threads to find a message authored by the individual you want to contact.

Just a thought...


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Post by Diane » December 29th, 2008, 10:58 am

This is something that has been on my mind lately with my upcoming ICD implant. 9 more sleeps left! Hopefully, and God willing, I will be able to report on the 8th or 9th that everything went well. I must admit that I am so nervous that I can hardly stand it, but with Long QT Syndrome I have to be extra careful to not get too emotionally upset since stress is one of my triggers.
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Post by Kat » December 30th, 2008, 1:14 am

I agree completely. I wonder what hapened to Richard and for the longest time, Sheila (but she is back now). I know I dont post every day like I used to, but I usually read every day. I have been here for just two years, but have seen people come and go. I would like to know who is doing well enough that they don't need the board becuase they are just too dang busy or who is walking in a different path.
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