An Interesting Statistic

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Re: An Interesting Statistic

Post by jlipp » July 5th, 2009, 3:44 pm

Sure, I have been shocked 3 times. All were inappropriate for a-fib (but helped a lot for a diagnosis so in that respect, they were appropriate!) I have had mine for almost two years.




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Re: An Interesting Statistic

Post by whiteheadjf » July 5th, 2009, 5:07 pm

I found this related article ... /1357#SEC1

This study was done in Feb '07, and found that about 12% of patients in the study had "inappropriate" shocks over the study period (I think it was one year, but I couldn't find it in the text). This was about 30% of total shocks, so if this study parallels the whole ICD population the chance of being shocked is much higher than one in ten. I could be interpreting the data wrong, but at least from this study it appears the chance of receiving a shock (be it appropriate or inappropriate) in the first year was at least 30% for the study population.

The other interesting statistic was that about 44% of the inappropriate shocks were for afib, 36% for SVT and 20% for "abnormal sensing".

I personally know three IDC'ers here where I live: 2 have had shocks and one has not. Add me to the "not" list and that is 50/50 for our little population. The low estimate for shock % reported here surprises me - next time I see my EP I'll ask him as well.

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Re: An Interesting Statistic

Post by Jules » July 6th, 2009, 10:04 pm

I've had my ICD sence March 2005. No shocks yet. Knock on wood!


Re: An Interesting Statistic--DISCUSSING STATS

Post by Bobbie » July 12th, 2011, 12:46 pm

Since we are discussing stats-I am wondering (b/c I am) if anybody else wonders WHY you have this (CRT-D) implant? Anxiety/Heart Rate is what began this ordeal @ 2 years ago--I have never felt bad, never any symptoms--I have done marathons, biking challenges, zumba, kick boxing, etc....I never turn down anything as I believe if you never try, you never know what you can accomplish, plus I am my own worst critic and continually strive to be better. I know the doctors say that I am very lucky and should be very grateful--and I want to be--but honestly, this was a very painful procedure- 4 weeks out now.
I cannot work out, move my arm, don't realize how much you use your arm until you can't. I know that you have all been there--some several times, so I really don't intend to sound like a baby and woe is me--that's not it, I just have to ask the question as there has to be others like me. What also bothers me--this is now for life, plus it gets re-opened every few years....and again--I NEVER felt bad before--maybe it was harder on my body than others, but I would not know that, considering my "crowd" was 10-12 years younger than me and I tend to think no pain, no gain. They also say that I should be feeling "better" with more energy, breathing, etc....but I have not noticed any changes in improvement--although I will say that sometimes the "strength" of the heartbeat is very troubling--kind of like a baby kicking when you are 8 months pregnant. I can actually see it. It freaks me out. So, while I'm sure my doctors do know best--I am struggling as I "need" proof, need to feel a change, see a change--I don't know. Just wondering if anyone else feels or felt this way and if so, how did you justify it or have you yet? I wonder if I ever will. thank you....if I could figure out how to upload a photo you would see I can easily pass for age in the 30's, yet I'm pretty close to 49--oh hey, I figured out the pic--me with my 6 six year old granddaughter--I love every minute with her. One more thing---I am looking for a support group that meets in the Omaha, Nebr area if anyone knows of any--I cannot find anything online. THANK YOU VERY MUCH....I CAN SAY THAT THIS IS THE BEST ONLINE SITE!
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Re: An Interesting Statistic

Post by Juicydb » July 12th, 2011, 5:46 pm

Count me in for three shocks in two years - two needed, one in error (over sensing t-waves).

Bobbie - I'm a bit worried about you. Sounds like this whole thing has got you pretty down and that you're not getting the support you need. And that aching shoulder is a bummer! You might ask your doctor about some physical therapy to loosen it up. I'm only slightly older than you, also athletic and also stunned to learn there was something wrong. My friends are mostly 8-12 years older than me and couldn't believe that 'the baby' of the group had been stricken. For the first few months post-op, I was so paranoid, I also could sense every single heartbeat - it was driving me crazy. And, I was angry because I suspected the whole thing had been unnecessary. So when I got zapped the first time, it finally sank in that I did have a very dangerous condition that could kill me at any time. Something about that realization made me feel better about it all. I still have down days and giant stretches of insomnia where I lie awake listening to my heart beat, but generally I'm more like my lighthearted old self. We've all been through dreadful experiences and each of us deals differently with the physical and emotional impacts. Try to find a local support group, but meantime keep sharing with us. Best wishes, Julia

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Re: An Interesting Statistic

Post by TruckerRon » July 12th, 2011, 6:53 pm

As my signature indicates, I haven't been shocked since getting mine in September 2009. I am paced 100% of the time, and I suspect that pacing has prevented the necessity of shocks.

Bobbie--you're far from alone in being waylaid by an unsuspected and highly unlikely heart condition. I'm glad you've made it this far, and I hope you have many more years with that granddaughter.
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Re: An Interesting Statistic

Post by HenryT » November 5th, 2015, 4:07 pm

So I'm on my third ICD. I was shocked once each by my previous devices. In 2009 I had an AV node ablation and have been shock free since then. While I continue to have runs of non-sustained VT nothing high enough or long enough to warrant "therapy".

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