Electrical work in an industrial facility

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Re: Electrical work in an industrial facility

Post by Clint » June 3rd, 2010, 6:32 pm

HI Larry

I work for a utility in CA. Routinely I am exposed to voltage that range from 480vac to 500,000Kv. I use the CAOSHA safe working distance rules.....low voltage stuff, 120 to 480vac, no problem.....welders.... we have ICD brothers who actually weld....I won't. Craig (Codeman) and I have shared a lot of voltage EMF related information......rule of thumb.....don't lean over an idling car motor, don't hug anything over 480vac..weed wackers, electric lawn mowers, micro waves....no problem....working live 21,000avc in rubber gloves......PROBLEM!!!

Send me you e-mail and I'll send you a pdf doc from the manufacturer on my ICD that includes a very comprehensive do and don't list....

I have to send it via e-mai because the vendor has a file protect on it and I do not want to violate their propritary rights...

Stay Safe.

I am trying to develop a lifestyle that does not require my presence.

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